Texas Instruments is one of the most well-known calculator brands and is a safe choice for students looking to buy a calculator for their classes. The TI Nspire CX II-T vs TI 84 Plus CE are perfect options for those looking for a reliable graphing calculator to go through high school and possibly college. These calculators share some similarities and notable differences, so we will see what they can offer and which you may want to choose.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are Calculator Types
  • What are TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE
  • How is the Design of TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE
  • How is the Interface of TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE
  • How is the Graphing Function in TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE
  • How is the Programming in TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE
  • TI Nspire CX II-T Vs TI84 Plus CE

Calculator Types

There are many calculator types depending on what your class needs. Standard calculators perform essential solvers such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and calculating the root. Finance calculators are models with financial functions, such as TVM, which are missing from a standard calculator. Scientific and graphing calculators are similar, but the latter can draw the graph and have a wider display to perform this function. Scientific calculators help solve scientific, engineering, and mathematical problems with functions for parentheses, trigonometric functions, exponents, inverses of trigonometric functions, etc.

TI Nspire CX II-TTI 84 Plus CE
Product Dimensions7.48 x 3.54 x 0.79 inches
7.5 x 3.42 x 0.62 inches
Shipping Weight10.1 ounces
7 ounces
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About TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE

Graphing calculator is a common tool for high school students and higher classes. This calculator packs a lot of power and will last many years with its additional apps and built-in features. Graphing calculators are probably the fascinating type because they can have a bigger screen and draw graphs, including 3D graphs. Texas Instrument is one of the most reputable names you can buy a calculator from. This company has been making calculators for decades and is familiar with multiple generations.

TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE are some of the best offerings from the company. You may wonder why the popular Nspire CX II has the letter “T” behind it, but this is the Europe model; the calculator is identical to the regular Nspire CX II sold in the US. The Nspire CX II is the current flagship from Texas Instrument and is a direct competitor of Hp Prime. You can check our previous comparison in TI-Nspire CX II Vs Hp Prime. On the other hand, the TI84 Plus CE is a mid-range choice.

It doesn’t mean the TI84 Plus CE is a bad option because it is nowhere near a bad graphing calculator. But, this model doesn’t have the same advanced features as in the Nspire CX II-T or the US model, including a faster processor. However, we can recommend the TI84 Plus CE for its ease of use, price, and essential features. This calculator is relatively easy to understand and doesn’t need much time to let you get familiar with the system.

TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE Design

Build quality is one of the first aspects we see in a calculator because it must be durable. The TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE have different looks, especially on the layout and screen. The Nspire calculator has a better screen with tighter pixels than TI84 Plus CE. None have a touch-screen, but Nspire has a trackpad to move the cursor, almost like your laptop’s mouse. Both calculators use rechargeable batteries, so you don’t need to replace them.

TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE Interface

The first point we want to discuss is the interface because TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE are pretty different. You will often use the home screen in TI84 Plus CE or Scratchpad on the Nspire. The noticeable difference is that TI84 Plus CE writes the equation on the left and shows the answer on the right but below the equation, while Nspire shows the answer at the same level as the equation. The screen can show several equations, and you can navigate it like history.

None of these calculators have CAS or Computer Algebra System, but you can find the model that has the feature. The non-CAS model is versatile for various standardized tests which prohibit the feature. But, CAS can be handy as it allows the calculator to perform functions with letters or math with variables and give simplified answers. These calculators don’t automatically show the exact answer, but you can adjust the Nspire setting to show the answer in either Exact, Auto, or Approximate mode.

TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE Graphing Function

The TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE are graphing calculators, so let’s see how to graph in these calculators. The graphing function is straightforward and relatively easy to understand. In TI84 Plus, you can press the “graph” button to show the axis and the “y=” button to enter the functions; you can graph up to 10 functions simultaneously. In Nspire CX II-T, you can graph from scratchpad by pressing the alternate button and “tab” to enter the equation. You can also graph from the menu by choosing New Document or the app at the bottom.

The noticeable difference in graphing function is the speed because the TI84 Plus CE is pretty slow when drawing the line. The Nspire CX II series is not the fastest in this category but is still faster, making it better if you often graph or graph complex functions.

TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE Programming

In addition, both calculators are also programmable; you can program on them or import them. The Nspire CX II series’s newest version supports Python, which is more versatile and widely used. This calculator also provides a lot of built-in actions when you press the “menu” button on the programming page. There are tons to load here, especially on the A More Modules section. The TI84 Plus CE also has pretty advanced programs; you can use the programs from the home screen.

TI Nspire CX II-T Vs TI84 Plus CE

The TI Nspire CX II-T and TI84 Plus CE are capable graphing calculators with all essential functions and handy apps. The Nspire CX II series, including the T model, is a more advanced calculator with a faster processor and more features such as the touchpad, Python programming, and data-saving methods through Document operation. But not everyone needs these features, which makes the TI84 Plus CE an excellent choice for the price.

- Successor to the TI-Nspire CX.
- Languages: German, Italian, English.
- High-resolution, full-color backlit display
- Rechargeable battery
- Preloaded apps and images.Fourteen interactive zoom features
- MathPrint feature.Seven different graph styles for differentiating the look of each graph drawn


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The decision is yours because both calculators are impressive. We recommend the TI84 Plus CE if you want something more user-friendly because this calculator is easy to use, even for beginners. The Nspire CX II-T is more powerful and has more features, but it is not as beginner-friendly and also a bit pricey.

TI Nspire CX II-T Vs TI 84 Plus CE

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