Now we are getting into a duel of two super calculator devices! Yeah, Texas Instruments TI 92 and Texas Instruments TI 89 are among the most powerful calculator products available on the market nowadays. Around today, Texas Instruments TI 92 and Texas Instruments TI 89 are also priced almost identically. You can find both models on the market in the same price class. However, before you make a decision, you should know the differences between Texas Instruments TI 92 and Texas Instruments TI 89, as these differences are very crucial.

TI 92 Vs TI 89

Texas Instruments TI 92 was first introduced in 1995. It features a QWERTY keyboard and a Computer Algebra System (CAS). Also, it has an extra-wide 240 x 128 screen. Thus, there is no need to wonder why Texas Instruments TI 92 possesses such a very big body. Unfortunately, because of the QWERTY keyboard, it is widely regarded by the professional community more as a computer instead of a calculator. As the effect, Texas Instruments TI 92 is not allowed to be used in exams, including SAT and AP, while the CAS feature alone is already a sufficient reason to ban the device in ACT exams. Its bulky body is also a major drawback because it is not as portable and as practical as other graphing calculators with traditional shapes.

In order to address the issues, Texas Instruments then introduced Texas Instruments TI 89. Essentially, Texas Instruments TI 89 is Texas Instruments TI 92 in a brand new design and higher specs. Texas Instruments TI 89 no longer uses QWERTY keyboard and retreats to the traditional design of a graphing calculator. Besides that, Texas Instruments TI 89 is armed with a faster CPU, a larger RAM, and a bigger flash ROM. Therefore, Texas Instruments TI 89 is able to handle computations way faster than Texas Instruments TI 92. It can also save more complex programs.

TI 92 Vs TI 89

NameTI 92TI 89
BrandTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments
Features- Flash ROM and 188 KB RAM - smaller design without the QWERTY keyboard- Over 500 KB memory for storing functions, programs, and data - High-resolution display with split-screen views

Rating4.8 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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Now, if you are choosing between Texas Instruments TI 92 and Texas Instruments TI 89, it is advisable that you choose Texas Instruments TI 89. The newer model is more powerful and accepted in some exams (SAT, PSAT, AP), so the usability is better. Texas Instruments TI 92 is perhaps more of a collector thing.

TI 92 Vs TI 89
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