If you have decided to take subjects that require more advanced math skill and knowledge, you certainly want to equip yourself with a reliable graphing calculator. More advanced than a regular scientific calculator, a graphing calculator allows you to graph functions and perform deeper analysis, making it essential for certain subjects, like calculus, statistics, finance, physics, chemistry, even biology. Well, if you have browsed through the Internet for some time, or asked some people about what graphing calculator is best, I bet that you have heard about Texas Instruments TI 89 Titanium. The product is famous for great performance, just perfect for any academic need. (Read also: TI-89 Vs TI-89 Titanium)

TI 89 Titanium Review: Great Graphing Calculator for Academic

Texas Instruments TI 89 Titanium appears and displays neat. It has a traditional shape of a calculator, so you can get familiar with it quick enough, especially if you have prior experience with any Texas Instruments calculator. Yet, it promotes a neat graphical interface, using icons on its menu instead of forcing the user to punch in specific multiple buttons, making it very convenient for usage. It has an extra-large 100 x 160 pixels display screen, which also supports split-screen views, very handy for handling and analyzing graphs.

Furthermore, Texas Instruments TI 89 Titanium possesses above-average storage and processing power. With Motorola 68000 16 MHz, a total of 256 KB RAM (188 KB user-accessible) and 4 MB flash memory (2.7 MB user-accessible), it is significantly faster than most other calculators, especially for graphing-related and other heavy tasks. What is great, you can always update its operating system to the newest version by utilizing the flash memory. Besides having the standard TI Connectivity Cable, it also supports USB OTG for easy data sharing with other devices, including PCs.

With a comprehensive list of built- in functions and features, Texas Instruments TI 89 Titanium is very versatile, suitable for various purposes. It even can do 3D graphing, statistics and data plots, and comes with built-in equation solver, tables, and variable management features. It can also do well for programming. However, keep in mind that Texas Instruments TI 89 Titanium is not allowed in ACT exams, though is allowed in SAT and AP exams.

Pros of TI 89 Titanium
– Decent performance
– Large memory
– Complete built-in functions
– Versatile connectivity
– Updatable

Price of TI 89 Titanium
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TI 89 Titanium Review: Great Graphing Calculator for Academic

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