The TI 86 vs. TI 83: Which One Wins? written by: Meg133 Texas Instruments has been producing graphing calculators and almost every year they manage to churn out increasingly advanced models. Two popular models are the TI 83 and the TI 86, which are being compared by many consumers based on their pre-loaded programs, design, memory capacity, and computing power. So which model is ultimately better? Without further ado, here’s an analysis on the TI 86 vs. TI 83.

TI 86 Vs 83

First of all, the TI 86 is no longer being produced so if you want to obtain this model, you will have to settle for a secondhand unit. The TI 83 on the other hand has also been upgraded to the TI 83 Plus, but for those who want the original model it is readily available in Amazon. The TI 86 is suited for college-level mathematics, some engineering, and is also well-equipped for scientific operations. The user interface is one of its strongest assets with 128 x 64 pixels, making graphic and numeric analysis convenient. The TI 83’s screen has only 96 x 64 pixels, and can display 8 lines with 16 characters per line, while the TI 86 can display up to 21 characters per line. In terms of functionality, the TI 86 also wins over with its advanced graphical abilities, analyzing up to 99 functions and parametric equations. The TI 83 can handle only 10, which is such a big difference.

The TI 83 however has a memory capacity of up to 24 KB of ROM but no flash. Its processor is same as that of the TI 86, which is an 8 MHz ZilOG Z80 CPU microprocessor.

TI 86 Vs 83

NameTI 86TI 83
BrandTexas InstrumentsTexas Instruments
Features- Graphing functions - Powerful calculus features - Function evaluation table - 128K RAM with 96K user-available - Input/output port- High contrast display - Many graph styles to choose from - Use side-by-side with the TI-83 - Advanced statistics and finance - Input/Output port

Rating4.2 out of 5.0 stars4.2 out of 5.0 stars
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Ultimately, the best graphing calculator for you depends on how you want to use it. However, the TI 86’s wider screen and ability to analyze up to 99 functions is perfect for those who want to simply do calculations, from the most basic to the most advanced. The model is also partially backwards compatible with the previous model, TI 85, which makes it the better choice for most people.

TI 86 Vs 83
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