Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro has been a very, very popular scientific calculator for quite some time now already. Together with Casio FX-115ES Plus that we have ever discussed before, and, in fact, we have ever compared these two models against each other previously, they make great choices for a budget-friendly scientific calculator that is reliable in performance and can be used for almost any situation, including in an exam. While both models are awesome, with each own advantages, on the following article, we will discuss more about Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro. The product is indeed very attracting, and undeniably very famous. Though it is a very strong product, however, it has a minor flaw that you should be aware of.

TI-36X Pro Review - Strong, Yet A Minor Flaw

Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro is a scientific calculator with various practicality features. It has been used widely across The United States and all over the world. Because of that, if you ever need some assitance in using the calculator, the chance is huge that you can easily get some help from a friend or a relative, or perhaps your teacher or lecturer. This is one plus point that can be handy at times if you have never used it before. Even though, the calculator itself is actually pretty neat and very easy to be used. It is rich of power and convenience. It is considerably fast to perform various calculations. In fact, it is even able to perform several individual calculations simultaneously and show the results altogether on the screen, quickly, thanks to the MultiView feature.

The wide display screen is able to show four lines at once, with each line consisting of up to sixteen characters. Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro is certainly unlike most scientific calculators in the price class that is able to display just two lines. Being able to read four lines at once is much more convenient and reliable. Also, you can save yourself from headaches by using the MathPrint feature, which will show expressions, fractions, and symbols much like how they appear in textbooks. Yeah, this is something similar like the natural textbook display feature in Casio FX-115ES Plus. Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro is also armed with built-in equation solver and (x,y) table of values features, making the analysis of an equation quite easier. Another great thing about Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro is that it is powered by a dual-line power source. It consumes power from the battery and the solar cell, so, don’t worry about running out of power in your exams!

Nevertheless, you should be aware that Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro’s engine contains one minor flaw. Yes, it is able to convert fractions, decimals, and terms. But, you should never use it to convert things into mixed fractions! The mixed fraction is buggy and will display pi incorrectly. Thus, you should never use the mixed fraction. If you have done so, you need to clear the memory. Except for one this disadvantage, Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro is a very powerful calculator, and you can do well with it as long as you avoid the mixed fraction.

Pros of Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro
– Fast and powerful
– Wide four-line display screen capable of doing individual calculations
– Dual-line power source

Cons of Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro
A bug involving pi in the mixed fraction display

Price of Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro
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TI-36X Pro Review: Strong, Yet A Minor Flaw
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