Scientific calculators are versatile and handy tools that students may need in their classes. The TI 30XS Vs Casio FX-115ES Plus are some of the best models you can buy today, and they are very affordable. These calculators have all essential functions and are easy to use. However, they are not identical, with few differences. Let’s see what the two can offer, the differences, and which you prefer better.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the Calculator Types
  • What are TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus
  • How is the Design of the TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus
  • How is the Display in TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus
  • What is the Exact Answer in TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus
  • How are the Apps in TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus
  • How is the Experience with TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus
  • TI 30XS Vs Casio FX-115ES Plus

Calculator Types

There are many calculator types, depending on the purposes. The most common is a basic calculator with four-function to perform basic arithmetic like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The scientific calculator has more functions to do more complex calculations, like trigonometric functions, logarithms, sine/cosine, and exponential operations. Graphing calculators are similar to scientific types but can graph equations with more advanced mathematics, like trigonometry on a coordinate plane. Financial calculators such as Hp 1BII+ Vs Hp 10BII handle financial problems like the present, future, rate of return, and the concept of return of investment.

TI 30XSCasio FX-115ES Plus
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About TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus

Depending on the purpose, you should choose the ideal option because not everyone learns or works on the same thing. Young students most likely need a scientific calculator when reaching middle school. A scientific calculator is similar to a graphing calculator but less capable in the visual guide. Parents don’t have to spend a fortune on their children’s scientific calculators because many are affordable, such as the TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus. Depending on the seller, these calculators are around $10 – $15.

One of the advantages of these calculators is their ease of use. Calculators are powerful and can be pretty complex, which makes them intimidating for first-time users. Texas Instruments and Casio designed these scientific calculators to be beginner-friendly, with all functions arranged logically. If you have used the Texas Instruments calculator before, the 30XS is similar to many other options in the lineup. The FX-115ES Plus is also a powerful calculator, making it almost like a graphing calculator without the graphing feature.

We think the TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus are equally good options depending on which you are more familiar with. Both calculators share many similarities despite coming from different brands, such as the textbook view. We recommend the FX-115ES if you need additional features because this calculator has extra apps that may be handy for various classes at different levels. The TI 30XS should be enough for most students who only need essential scientific functions. Read also: TI 30X IIS Vs Casio FX-300ES Plus.

TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus Design

Like most scientific calculators, the material of TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus is plastic which should be fine with typical uses. These calculators have a sliding cover made of the same plastic to protect the keyboard and display or as a support when you put the unit on a table. The buttons are pretty good, but sometimes they are wobbly, which is expected in this price range. The keyboard layout is a bit different, and Casio has many secondary functions, some of which are too small for aging eyes.

TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus Display

The most exciting feature of TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus is the MathPrint or Natural V.P.A.M. The V.P.A.M is short for Virtually Perfect Algebraic Method, which means the calculator can show the answers and entries like those you see in a textbook. Texas Instruments calls this technology Mathprint which means the same thing as an ability to print expressions the way they appear in a textbook or handwritten. This feature is becoming more common in modern calculators and is a practical approach to help with input and reading.

TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus Exact Answers

The next advantage of the TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus is that they can give the exact answers, whereas the calculators without the feature only give you the decimals. Exact answers are exceptionally handy when you save an answer for later calculations or when you need to take a test that requires all answers in the exact simplified form. The difference is apparent. For example, you can enter 85226 and both calculators will show 42613, while the models without the feature will give you 32.7692308.

TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus Apps

In general, the FX-115ES Plus is a more advanced calculator because this model has several apps when you press the [MODE] button. This calculator has 11 apps, including Table, Equation, Matrix, Vector, and many more; the most advanced feature in TI 30XS is the table function, as it is a more basic model. You can generate a table on both calculators. But, the Casio calculator can do more such as the “EQN” or equation app, where you can find various graph features for an equation like roots, max, and min.

TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus Experience

The experience with TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus is pretty good. These calculators are like a lite version of your graphing calculator without the drawing feature. You can get the same features like Mathprint and exact answers, making the experience similar. The operation is also similar, and since the functions are more straightforward, the processor doesn’t need much to deliver a fast calculation. We only have one issue with the screen, which may appear too dim depending on the room and angle.

The TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus are easy to use due to their limited abilities, which is a good thing because the two are designed for lower math-level students. We don’t think you should rely on these calculators beyond geometry because there are many more ideal options to consider.

TI 30XS Vs Casio FX-115ES Plus

Both calculators share many similarities, and for the essential function, they already have Mathprint or V.P.M.A and exact answers. You can choose to show the decimal or simplified form by toggling the mode. The main difference between TI 30XS and Casio FX-115ES Plus is the additional Casio apps that give you more functionalities. You can use this calculator for calculus, but it is not ideal as your primary calculator for higher math classes.

- Sold as 1 Each.
- Designed with unique features to allow you to enter more than one calculation, compare results and explore patterns, all on the same screen. Enter and view calculations in common Math Notation via the MATHPRINT Mode, including stacked fractions, exponents, exact square roots and more.
- Quickly view fractions and decimals in alternate forms by using the Toggle Key.
- Scroll through previous entries and investigate critical patterns as well as viewing and pasting into a new calculation.
- Explore an x, y table of values for a given function, automatically or by entering specific x values.
- Perfect choice for high school and college students
- Natural Textbook Display is highly visible
- Protective hard case keeps calculator from being damaged
- Powered by solar power and features battery backup supply for reliable use


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The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. We recommend the FX-115ES Plus because this model is capable of additional functions. The essential functions are all available on both calculators, but this model gives you a higher value, making it more versatile. The price difference is not much and is still very affordable.

TI 30XS Vs Casio FX-115ES Plus

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