Working on math and science subjects certainly requires a decent scientific calculator. A lot of people will recommend you getting something like TI-83, TI-84, or even TI-86 or TI-89. While the more expensive models indeed have one extra functionality, which is, of course, graphing, you don’t necessarily have to empty the bank to get a powerful yet handy calculator. Take a look at TI-30X IIS. It is only under thirty bucks, and you can get all the convenience already!

TI-30X IIS Review - Standard, Affordable, Yet Extensively Handy

TI-30X IIS is available in several color variants, so, sure enough, you can find one that suits your preference the best. TI-30X IIS is designed well and sophisticatedly. The buttons are arranged in such a logical manner, with function buttons of the same type grouped in the same area. The scientific functions that are most often used are placed nearby the numerical buttons. After using it for a while, you can punch in things lightning fast without a hassle. The buttons also have the proper depth to provide a certainty with each thrust. Also, you may have noticed that there is a solar panel on the front side. Yes, TI-30X IIS is powered by a dual-line power system. Besides using a battery, it also consumes power from the solar panel. Thus, you will never have to worry about running out of power! This is very practical and relieving, especially in dire situations like in exams.

TI-30X IIS is packed with decent features and a complete list of basic scientific functions. There are at least three features that are very, very beneficial: the two-line display screen, the entry editing capability, and the smart entry system. The two-line display screen is neat; it can show you your input and the output. You can then edit your entry to re-calculate the result. This is very convenient – not all calculators of the higher class possess such feature. You can easily re-check your answers, or use the same equation to calculate with different values. And with a smart entry system, TI-30X IIS is very handy and powerful. Unlike the older models, in which you must enter the value first before the scientific function (in example, you punch in 60 first and then hit tan), it is vice versa (you hit tan first then enter the angle). Hence, it allows you to write the complete equation of complicated math expressions.

Equally important, TI-30X IIS is accepted in most exams, including SAT, PSAT, AP, and ACT. Thus, its usability is very high. With complete essential features, TI-30X IIS is a tremendous value for the money.

Pros of TI-30X IIS
– Ultra affrodable!
– Complete functions and basic features
– Decent design
– Two-line power

Price of TI-30X IIS
Check the best price of TI-30X IIS here.

TI-30X IIS Review: Standard, Affordable, Yet Extensively Handy
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