Calculators may sound outdated because we often work with computers and complex functions are now simpler with software. However, at times it is convenient to use them including as learners and when taking exams. For those financial students or those working with financial situations, Texas Instruments BA II Plus Vs HP 10bII will be two of the most ideal options to go with. They can do the same tasks but as different brands, they will have different systems and before shopping, go check which fits you the best here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Which Calculator to Purchase
  • What is Financial Calculator
  • What are Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII
  • What Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII Look Like
  • How to Setup Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII
  • How to Calculate with Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII
  • Are Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII Convenient
  • Texas Instrument BA II Plus Vs HP 10bII

Calculator Types

As technology is improving rapidly, we seem to leave some useful tools in the past in which one of them is a calculator. Today, not many of us are using them anymore especially in a larger setup because everything is done in your computer with powerful software and more advanced computation that can deliver the result in an instant. But, it doesn’t make the tool not relevant anymore because chances are you will still need them at various applications especially for learners or students taking exams.

Calculators are available in several different types depending on what the unit is meant to be used for. The most common calculators will be display calculators or those with very simple mechanisms in which what they do are only adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Scientific calculators are another popular type we often use and they will offer features such as trigonometric functions as well as with bigger memory. Graphing calculators on the other hand have larger display in comparison to most other models.

This is due to its special capabilities to show graphs thus, a bigger display is needed to fully draw the functions. They are also probably the most expensive among others or can cost more than $100 on the upper models. Financial calculators are those coming with financial functions but can work as basic display calculators as well. The last printing calculators are for business and they can print paper with the result but in comparison they are basically display calculators with standard calculating function.

Financial Calculator

If you are here then it means financial calculator is what you will be needing and among other types of tools, they are specifically made for those who will be dealing with financial situations only because not all of us are going to count how many we have to pay per month in order to obtain a property; all of those are usually left to professionals as we spare the budget from our income. Students are also going to need them depending on your course.

Buying a financial calculator is not a daunting task but they are not as simple as well because chances are you will be facing various different units in the market and all of them are going to be able to do what we often do with the tool. If budget is a concern, you can shop based on the available budget but if you have been using a certain brand, it is probably better to stick with them since you may already be used to their layout or the system.

About Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII

Financial calculators may not be as popular as scientific or as expensive as graphing calculators but they also need some time to get used to if you never have or utilize one before. They are also less fancy and in a glance look like any common calculator used by vendors at shops yet, they are a powerful tool to ease your job. For professional or end-users, they can save your time counting using formulas but for those working in the financial department or finance professional we will mostly use the spreadsheet.

If you don’t have much time to check what popular or favorite financial calculator is available out there, it is nice to see what other similar users are opting for because chances are they will fit your preference and are reliable enough when it comes to performance. Talking about financial calculators, two companies that come to our mind instantly are Texas Instrument and Hewlett Packard. Both of them are among the best when you are looking for an easy to use and powerful calculator but with fairly cheap price.

For those who will be spending less than $40, you can still get various reliable calculators but from these brands, Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII will be two of the most ideal choices to consider. Both of them are often placed side by side because they are sold at the same price range and overall what you can do on one calculator will be possible as well on the other. However, when it comes to popularity, you will see the TI shared everywhere and this can be a consideration for new users to learn about how to use the tool.

HP also has a decent manual that comes with the product including some examples as well and you can find some kind users willing to teach you on how the system or calculation done with this 10bII. Our favorite part about Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII is their cheap price and in most cases all common jobs are possible in both machines. Read also: TI 36X Pro Vs TI 84.

Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII Design

These calculators are looking like scientific models out there with standard screen size and a size about as big as an adult palm. The plastic body seems nice and sturdy for years to come but as you will notice that TI will give you a cover as well for this BA II Plus model in which your 10bII will have to sustain some direct contact with other objects in your backpack. They are thin and comparison, HP does look like something coming from the 12C era while TI is more modern.

We don’t pay much attention to aesthetics but we do when it is about the keys comfort and how they feel when you use them. Their buttons are not generously huge but response seems better in HP because you can still register the number when calculating faster while on TI sometimes the number doesn’t appear if we press it too quickly. All the buttons of BA II Plus are flat but you can feel 10bII has them slightly protruding in the middle.

Setting Up Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII 

The first thing we often do when getting a new calculator is getting used to the system and this experience will differ among users. For starters they will be using combination keys to do various basic adjustments and starting with TI, similar to any calculator you can adjust the decimals it shows. Press “2nd” and then “./decimal” and enter your number of decimal such as “5” then finish by pressing the “enter” button so next press the “ceIc” at the bottom left.

With HP, this can be done a little bit easier in our opinion because what you need to do is press the “gold shift”, then “DSP” and enter the number of decimal you want such as “9”, we are done the display show the maximal number of decimal it can show now. 

Calculating Time Value of Money with Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII

To give you an idea on the most common task we are going to use Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII for, let’s see an example of counting time value of money using both calculators and these two will be working seamlessly here. In addition since they are also coming with IRR function, you can do almost anything with any of these models. In this part they are exactly the same to each other. For example you will need to press the number first and then the corresponding formula.

What’s different here is that you will need to press another key to get the result in TI calculator so if you will need the payment amount, press the “cmpt” and then “pmt” while in HP, you can press one of the value that we want to know among the amount we have entered before such as “pmt” then the display will instantly give you the result. Similarly, if you put the PV as positive, the result will be negative depending on your position when calculating it.

Texas Instrument BA II Plus and HP 10bII Convenience

While HP sounds like it is the most convenient and simple, this calculator also has its own inconvenient part in comparison to TI BA II Plus. With Texas Instrument, you can see the parentheses but, as long as the computation is not done, HP will give you PEND means pending the rest of the input. If you are going to calculate with parentheses a lot such as 5(7×8), you will need to enter it as 5x(7×8) or it will only count the number inside. 

Texas Instruments BA II Plus vs HP 10bII

Both of these financial calculators are very much similar to each other and they will be able to do what most financial calculators are used for while being very reliable as well but, with slightly different systems in which you may be more comfortable with one over the other. We personally like the HP system so it feels easier to use but you can be different.

NameTexas Instruments BA II Plus HP 10bII
BrandTexas InstrumentsHP
Features- Solves time-value-of-money calculations such as annuities, mortgages, leases, savings, and more - Performs cash-flow analysis for up to 32 uneven cash flows with up to 4-digit frequencies - Calculates various financial functions - The Texas Instruments BAII Plus Professional features an Automatic Power Down- Over 100 built-in functions - Algebraic data entry - Intuitive keyboard layout with easy-to-read labels - Adjustable contrast display

Rating4.7 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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Overall you can go with any of them and still be satisfied with their performance. We like HP for it seems simpler but if you are concerned about chain of calculation to make sure they are correct, TI BA II Plus will be the best choice.

Texas Instruments BA II Plus vs HP 10bII

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