Calculators are convenient tools for doing basic and advanced calculations. The Sharp EL-1501 and EL- 1901 are perfect for office tasks where you have to work with a lot of data and save the details. These calculators don’t need paper and ink to create no waste. Both models are very similar but different, so let’s see what else they can offer and which you may like better.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What are Calculator Types
  • What are Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901
  • How is the Design of Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901
  • What are the Modes in Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901
  • How are the Presets in Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901
  • What are the Functions of Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901
  • What are the Features of Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901
  • How is the Interface of Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901
  • How is the User Experience with Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901
  • Sharp EL-1501 Vs EL-1901

Calculator Types

The human brain can process much information simultaneously, but it is also prone to mistakes the more information and the longer you have to process it. We created calculators to assist humans when doing long calculations to improve time efficiency and minimize errors. Modern days have different types of calculators depending on the purpose. Generally, there are five calculator types; Basic, Scientific, Graphing, Printing, and Financial. Basic calculators are those used by everyone to work on standard equations and only have the primary function.

Scientific calculators are often used by students taking algebra, trigonometry, and geometry. It has functions to be helpful in science, engineering, and mathematics problems. The device has special buttons for parentheses, trigonometric functions, exponents, inverses of trigonometry, etc. Graphing calculators like Casio FX-CG500 Vs TI Nspire CX CAS are also scientific but are more advanced with a bigger screen and can perform complex functions, including plotting graphs and completing logarithms. Printing calculators can print the data on paper, while financial calculators are geared toward finance and useful for financial advisors and similar jobs.

Sharp EL-1501Sharp EL-1901
Product Dimensions9 x 5.9 x 2.4 inches
11.02 x 8.27 x 3.15 inches
Shipping Weight1.1 pounds
1.87 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901

Nowadays, you don’t need actual calculators to perform many tasks because smartphones and other smart devices are more than capable. Many companies offer free calculator software that you can access from the device, sometimes with the purchase of their specific calculator. But, having the actual calculator is still necessary because smart devices are prohibited during exams, etc. Calculators are also more straightforward if you need to solve a problem quickly. Many also use calculators with the computer for convenience.

If you are working with a lot of numbers daily and need to record these numbers, a printing calculator can be an ideal solution. Some people called the unit an adding machine for the sole purpose of adding and subtraction. Unlike other calculator types, the printing calculator is a desktop tool and not compact. Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 are some of the most popular printing calculators and better for the environment. But, none of these calculators are ideal for billing purposes.

For billing purposes, you will need a unit to print the bills on paper for documentation and to charge the customers. However, the Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 don’t print the numbers but let you view them on a huge screen – this way, the calculators don’t waste resources, both the ink and paper. You may wonder why the EL-1901 is more expensive because the basic specs are identical. Both calculators have the same screen and can store up to 300 entries, so you can always recheck them.

The primary functions like Cost, Sell, and Margin keys are also available. But, the EL-1901 offers more features, such as the Auto-Replay button, which automatically recalls the entries and views them on the large display. This model also allows you to edit the typed entries, making it more capable and convenient if you will use the calculator to work with a long list of numbers.

Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 Design

While Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 are not actual printing calculators, the units are still bulky to be portable calculators. Sharp uses the same design for both calculators but is not identical, with the EL-1901 being the bulkier choice. This calculator is 7.2-inch wide, 9.4-inch deep, 2.2-inch tall, and weighs 1.2 lbs. The EL-1501 is more compact at 5.9-inch wide, 9.0-inch deep, 2.4-inch tall, and weighs 1.08 lbs. You can enter the numbers on the main screen and use the sub or larger screen to monitor the calculating process.

The two display modes mimic the printing mechanism but without actual printing. The large display is a 12 digits fluorescent display with 5 line scrolling function so you can see five entries at a time. However, these calculators have slightly different number appearances while the operators look the same. The sub-display can also show various functions from the calculator, and you will find more on the EL-1901 because this model also has a few additional features missing from the EL-1501.

Another significant difference between Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 is the power source because the EL-1501 requires four AA batteries while the EL-1901 needs a direct power source. The calculator comes with a power cable, and there is no option to use the EL-1901 with batteries. There is a small battery to save the data in case of a power interruption, but not to operate it. Sharp gives the same amount of warranty for both calculators for six months.

Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 Modes

Now let’s see what the Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 can offer because both calculators are similar but different. You can use these calculators like a regular, basic model by powering the unit and starting entering the numbers you want to calculate and the operators or marks. These calculators can save up to 300 entries, so they should fit many applications. The history will show on the large screen, and you can view up to five lines at a time while the result is on the main screen.

By pressing the arrow up and down, you enter the “Check” mode. This mode simply shows you the history of previous entries to see the mistake. You can keep pressing the arrow button to move the history up or down. The screen will show an up or down arrow if you have other entries that are not currently viewed on the screen. Press the ON button again after checking the history.

Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 Preset

The Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 have many functions to operate the calculations, most of which are identical. There is the 2nd button to select the second function of some buttons. For example, the power button in EL-1501 is also a C/CE button. The first preset function is Round which decides how the calculator rounds the decimal. To access this feature in EL-1501, you will need to use the second function of the Cost, Sell, and MGN buttons. We prefer the EL-1901 with a dedicated button to cycle through the round options.

The other primary function of setting the calculator is deciding the decimal or how many decimals you want on the result. To access this feature in EL-1501, you must use the second function on the second-row buttons from the top. The EL-1901 has a dedicated button to cycle through the options. This calculator also has more decimal options or numbers to show after the comma in your result. Still, you can use the floating decimal system on both calculators.

Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 Functions

The Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 also have the same functions to operate the calculation. For example, we have the Cost button to enter the cost, the MGN button to enter the margin percentage, the +/- button to change the algebraic sign of a number, Tax buttons to enter the tax, percentage, and many more. As a regular calculator, you can find the other functions to do basic calculations such as division, addition, multiplication, and subtraction. The GT button is to calculate the grand total, which you can turn ON/OFF as needed.

Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 Features

The main difference between Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 is the additional functions or features missing from the former. The EL-1501 doesn’t have a function to edit the history, but you can check the mistakes. Correction through the Correct button is vital to ensure you can always edit the history and achieve the correct result. The owner of EL-1901 can enter the Correct mode in Check mode and do a correction to the numbers and operators. But, if the result shows “—,” the calculator can’t perform the correction.

The next crucial feature in EL-1901 that is missing from the EL-1501 is the Insert Sub-Mode which is a function to insert a new calculation in the history content. You can do this by inserting a line in a paragraph. The calculator provides a blank line above the last item in the sub-display where you can insert the numbers. Similarly, if the result shows “—,” the calculator can’t perform the insertion. Additionally, the EL-1901 has a Delete Sub-Mode.

This feature allows you to edit the history by deleting combinations of operators and numbers. For example, if you want to remove the last numbers and operators from 100 + 200 + 300 = 600, the calculator will show you 100 + 200 = 300. You can also delete the entire expression if it uses two numbers. But, if the result becomes “—,” the calculator tells you that the deletion is impossible. These features are handy because they allow you to edit the history, not only to know where the mistake is but to fix it.

Another feature that may help the convenience of EL-1901 is the Auto Replay button. As the name suggests, this feature automatically scrolls and displays the history content on the sub-display, so you don’t have to press the up and down arrow again. You can stop the Auto Scroll by pressing the Auto Replay button and pressing it again to resume. The EL-1901 has a Second-Delete mode which you can access from Check Mode. This function deletes all entries while retaining the decimal, round, and tax settings.

Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 Interface

Unlike a graphing calculator with a more complex mechanism and overall ability, the printing calculator is more similar to the basic model, so you can use it as one. Users can power the unit and start entering the numbers they want to work with, along with the operator. The calculator will show the result on the main display while the history is on the sub-display. The main screen has all the active information, such as the decimal setting and whether the answer is rounded up, down, or rounded off.

The main screen also shows whether the second button function is active, so you can see what function is currently available. The main screen is small, so it can be challenging to see the icons if many features or modes are active. As for the sub-screen, you can see the step counter and the history in EL-1501. The EL-1901’s screen can show some additional information regarding the features missing from EL-1501; Check, Correct, and Insert Delete mode.

Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 User Experience

The experience with Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 are pretty much identical because both are very similar. Simply put, the two are easy to use and get familiar with, even if this is your first printing calculator. Overall the interface is identical to the basic calculator without the sub-screen. The sub-screen in these models acts as the paper, but you can edit and delete it, so there is no paper and ink wasted. The biggest drawback is that you can’t use the calculator as a billing method since we need a hard copy for this purpose.

The buttons are wide for comfort, which is crucial since we will be dealing with many numbers and doing repetitive processes. Big buttons minimize the chance of mistakes and are overall more comfortable. The main screen is decently-sized, but the best part is the sub-screen, where you can view up to five entries at once. Our only complaint is that you need to press the second button to access some features which arguably make the calculators less convenient.

Sharp EL-1501 Vs EL-1901

The Sharp EL-1501 and EL-1901 are ideal options for everyone who needs to process many numbers simultaneously, which is prone to produce errors. The sub-screen helps you monitor the history and find the mistake. But, the EL-1501 only allows you to find the mistake by scrolling through the history, while the EL-1901 lets you find and edit it. The EL-1901 is more expensive but gives you higher freedom and overall more convenience as you don’t need to redo the calculation when making a mistake.

- PRINTING CALCULATOR LOGIC. This is a printing calculator and DOES NOT function like a standard desktop calculator
- CORDLESS. This compact and paperless printing calculator makes it easy to transfer from one workspace to the next. Requires 4 AA batteries (included)
- 12-DIGIT DISPLAY. Combination of a 12-digit display and a 5-line scrolling LCD that stores up to 300 entries eliminates the need for paper and ink
- COST, SELL & MARGIN KEYS. These keys make for quick and easy profit margin calculations (simply enter two variables and the third automatically appears)
- MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS. Decimal, rounding, percent, sign change, backspace, and grand total functions help solve a variety of mathematical problems
- Paperless printing calculator is eco-friendly with no paper and no ink.
- Entries and results are sent to a 5-line display which scrolls up or down to see the last 300 entries.
- Full-size keyboard includes tax, cost/sell/margin, grand total, backspace, and memory keys
- Quiet and Fast: No printer noise and no waiting for the printer
- Powered by AC Adapter


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The decision is yours because not everyone wants the same option. But, we suggest adding more to the budget and getting the Sharp EL-1901 because it is not far more expensive than the EL-1501 and has more features to let you edit the history. The added features help improve the user experience and save time without redoing the calculation.

Sharp EL-1501 Vs EL-1901

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