In this upcoming article, we will let you know a bit or enough information that will be provided in form of comparison and reviews. What is that about? As the mainly topics that being discussed in this page, there will be 2 products of calculators named HP 50G and HP Prime as the competitor. This is not a problem about the winner but, it all depends on what your choice in the future.

HP 50G Vs HP Prime

HP 50G
HP 50G comes with complete RPN, SD cards as a source of outside storage options, specific application, 3D graphing that automatically exist without download, the HP 48G/HP 49g+ family transition, combination mode of home and CAS, and colorful keyboards. All the features are can make your tasks are easier and good contrast on the interface and design. Also, the adding features like BEEP command which can make noise or make music with tone in HZ, seconds, and BEEP. You can plot more than 10 separate functions f(x) on a single graph, and it is also equipped with built in equation library without need to download anything extra. HP50G however is a true nerdish device because its RPL programs really use the multi level object stack that you see when you turn on the common calculator mode. (Have a look : HP 50g Vs TI-89)

HP Prime
Hp Prime is a kind of calculator with features like color on the screen to make the differentiate graphs and geometrics models. An advanced Graphing Application to implicit graphing but you do not need to download the software first. The memory in form of RAM is up to 32MB, and the Gamma or PSI functions are including Beta, Zeta, Error, Error Compliment, Ei, Ci, Si. This is an online based that can be used for every command especially CAS commands on the 50g. While you are using it, it is better integrated equation writer which more intuitive to move around the equation. 400 MHz opposed to 75 MHz (both have ARM 9 chips) also surrounded this device and literally draw a function and the Prime figures an appropriate equation. Overall, it is an easy way to write comments inside of a program with more curve fitting options like Polynomial and Trigonometric. (Read also : HP Prime Vs TI Nspire CX CAS)

HP 50G Vs HP Prime

NameHP 50GHP Prime
Features- Comes with 50G Calculator; Batteries; User Manual; CD (connectivity software and Advanced User Guide); USB cable and premium pouch - Do everything you need using the 2.5MB memory (512KB RAM plus 2MB Flash ROM for performing future upgrades)- College Board and IB approved - So many features in such a small package - Bring the real world to your math classroom - Wireless connectivity + HP software = a smart solution.1,3 - Calculate with confidence on your tablet or phone

Rating4.2 out of 5.0 stars4.0 out of 5.0 stars
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We will give you two explanations in order to help you while you are considering to pick one of them. The HP50g is the last of the “professional calculator.” The HP 50g includes a periodic table, SD card slot, better unit conversion, and the old-school HP scientific and also financial equation library. The HP Prime is more of an academic or can be for mathematician young brother. It offers inverse probability functions, better matrix input, colored graphing, and spreadsheet support.

HP 50G Vs HP Prime
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