HP calculators are always regarded for their excellent performance, and perhaps also their unique RPN input method and programming language. HP calculators always have their own fans and supporters. Among various models that have been released, HP 50G is among the newest ones and the most popular right now. Howsoever, probably one of the major concerns is that HP 50G is not allowed to be used in an ACT test – it is, however, allowed in an SAT exam. Because of that, some people tend to look for an alternative in HP 48GX, which possesses similar functions. Well, HP 48GX stands on a similar, if not slightly higher price compared to HP 50G. Which one is better?

HP 48GX Vs HP 50G

HP 50G is the newer variant, while HP 48GX is the older one. HP 48GX is no longer manufactured, which explains the slightly higher price. Howsoever, both models indeed possess more than 2,300 built-in functions, making them equally viable for professionals as well as students. Even so, HP 50G boasts a much higher performance than HP 48GX. With a better processor and a larger memory, it can perform calculations way faster than HP 48GX. Besides that, its display screen is also bigger and more accurate, making it more pleasant to the eyes. So, by choosing HP 48GX instead of HP 50G, you are going to compromise quite a lot of convenience here.

Another thing to be noted, HP 50G is already armed with a bunch of connectivity options. While HP 48GX only supports 1×4-pin RS-232, HP 50G supports USB and IrDA, making it easier to be connected to another device, including a computer. Don’t forget that HP 50G features both Entry RPN and algebraic inputs, so you will always have the choices whenever you need to use either RPN or algebraic notation. Last but not least, HP 50G is equipped with Computer Algebra System (CAS) that is very powerful, as the CAS can be set for a step-by-step simplification process.

HP 48GX Vs HP 50G

NameHP 48GXHP 50G
Features- Over 2,300 functions including over 300 for scientific and engineering applications - Built-in equation library with over 300 formulas and constants - 2-way infrared communication, RS-232C serial port; supports optional printer - 128 KB memory; 2 card ports for expandable RAM and ROM - 2-D and 3-D graphing capabilities- New display upgrade--the new HP 50g display features a 30% increase in usable space over the HP 49g+ - New powerful SD card slot - Massive 2.5 MB total memory--512 KB RAM plus 2 MB flash ROM for performing future upgrades** - New larger equation library and 2300+ built-in functions - The choice of efficient RPN, Textbook or Algebraic data entry

Rating4.2 out of 5.0 stars4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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HP 50G is indeed a lot stronger than HP 48GX, but, because of the CAS, it is not allowed for some exams. Nonetheless, if you don’t plan to use it for exams, HP 50G is the best choice. You can’t go wrong with it. Once you get used with the RPN input method, it will be very fast and powerful. Otherwise, if you want to use your calculator for exams where HP 50G is not allowed, HP 48GX can be a viable choice.

HP 48GX Vs HP 50G
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