HP and Texas Instruments are both big names in the world of special purpose calculators. Now, if you are looking for a scientific companion that is decent, reliable, but more budget-friendly, instead of those killer, wallet-drainer luxuries, you are probably arguing with yourself right now whether to get HP 35s or Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro. Both seem to be delicious offers. But right now you are apparently trying to find out what you may miss from the more expensive product if you just go with the cheaper alternative. No worries, we will delve deep into the matter here! See also : Casio FX-115ES Plus Vs TI-36X Pro.

HP 35s Vs TI 36X Pro

HP 35s boasts the more superior performance. It is a scientific calculator featuring two-line display; each line can show fourteen characters in length. The uniqueness of HP calculators are that most of them support RPN (Reverse Polish Notation) entry mode. RPN is generally more time- efficient than conventional entry methods. If you are not comfortable with the feature, you can always revert back to algebraic notation here. HP 35s has a 30 KB memory with more than 800 registers.

On the other hand, Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro offers an attractive and convenient display. The key features that make the product so interesting are the MultiView and the MathPrint. With MultiView, you can show several calculations simultaneously on the screen, which can be very handy and useful whenever you have to handle a lengthy process. Meanwhile, with MathPrint, you can set the screen to show expressions just like how they appear in textbooks. No more headache from complicated output!

HP 35s Vs TI 36X Pro

NameHP 35sTI 36X Pro
BrandHPTexas Instruments
Features- Robust and economical scientific calculator - 100+ built-in functions; 30 KB memory with 800+ registers - Supports RPN and algebraic data entry - 2-Line, 14-character display - 1-Year limited manufacturer's warranty- MathPrint(TM) shows math expressions, symbols and stacked fractions as they appear in textbooks - Ideal for high school through college: Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus, Biology, etc. - Convert fractions, decimals and terms including Pi into alternate representations. - Select degrees/radians, floating/fix, number format modes.

Rating4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.7 out of 5.0 stars
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If you are used with complex syntaxes and able to manipulate RPN, then you will receive a huge boost for your performance with HP 35s. However, if you prefer something more user-friendly and practical, TI 36X Pro will not disappoint you!

HP 35s Vs TI 36X Pro

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