When it comes a scientific calculator, who will be in your list? Is that HP brand is on yours? If yes, then when you are reading this currently we are also providing 2 models of HP’s scientific calculator. First model is HP 35S and the second one id HP 15C. We think that it will be a good idea if we make it into title HP 35S vs 15C. Here it is.

hp 35s vs 15c

HP 35S
HP 35S is an ideal calculator for engineers, surveyors, college students, scientists and medical professionals. HP 35S is also scientific projects that can require accuracy, functionality and dependability for success. The HP 35s scientific programmable calculator can deliver all of them with all features that include 30KB user memory, RPN and algebraic entry-system logic, a convenient two-line display, and the time-saving HP Solve application, 100 built-in functions, Large 2-line display with adjustable contrast, Single and two-variable statistics, linear regression and more, plus 800+ independent storage registers, Fraction mode plus fraction-to-decimal conversion, 42 built-in physical constants, plus a complete library of unit conversions, inverse functions, cube root, logarithms, exponents, factorials and more. The build quality and industrial design of the HP 35s is having so much welcome by the reviewers as a return to the best HP professional calculator traditions, while in contrast, to their more recent advanced calculators, they were seen as feature-packed and heavily styled for the student market, but in some cases poorly designed and built.

HP 15C
HP 11C vs 15C is worth to read if you think it is not enough. HP 15C as usual is a high-end scientific pocket calculator with root-solver and numerical integration that can handle complex numbers and matrix operations. It is designed for the Apple iPhone, complete with a PDF of the original paper manual. The HP-15C is also a scientific calculator that uses the Reverse Polish Notation or RPN that HP made very famous. RPN logic contains a stack as well as the Forth programming language and one of its principal advantages is that every intermediate calculation is shown in the display or screen. It is providing a visual sanity check on each mathematical operation too. Therefore, for those who grow up with this logic find it very hard to enter a long string of numbers and functions in the more conventional algebraic calculator. RPN scientific calculators, this is such a nice app, although a little bit expensive, but very nice and also reflects.

HP 35S Vs 15C

NameHP 35SHP 15C
Features- Engineering, Surveying, Science, Medicine, Display type: LCD - Adjustable contrast with 2 lines x 14 characters + indicators, 14 character dot matrix (5 x 7)- The classic HP 15c scientific calculator - Simple, intelligent design. Advanced scientific features - It has unique HP RPN - It has portable, user-friendly layout

Rating4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.0 out of 5.0 stars
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We will make a conclusion in form of some differences. Otherwise the HP 35s beats it on memory, two line display, and also alpha characters. While, the new 15C LE is probably faster as well for us. The main or the major difference is keyboard quality IMO. The HP 35s is very buggy, whereas the HP 15C is totally solid in this regard too.

HP 35S Vs 15C
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