Financial calculators like Hp 17BII Vs TI BA II Plus are handy for students and professionals. These calculators are some of the best in the market as they offer plenty of abilities and are still easy to use. Like most financial calculators, both options have essential functions and some differences. Today we will see why these calculators are still favorites in modern days and which you may like better.

In this comparison, we will talk about:

  • What is Financial Calculator
  • What are Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus
  • How is the Design of Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus
  • What are the Calculation Modes in Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus
  • How is the Interface of Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus
  • How is the Ease of Use of Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus
  • Hp 17BII Vs TI BA II Plus

Financial Calculators

Calculators are available in a few different types, one of which is a financial calculator. This calculator must be familiar if you have taken a college course related to business or economics. The calculator is also handy for professionals who need to calculate rates, conversions, compound interest, etc. Everyone can use the calculator to plan monthly expenses and help make better financial decisions. Generally, a financial calculator is a regular calculator with standalone keys to perform more direct calculations, such as simple interest, compound interest, cash flow, and many more.

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About Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus

The financial calculator is a very common tool and versatile for everyone who wants to use special functions. You can find these calculators from most manufacturers like Texas Instruments and Hp. These companies are renowned names with a long history of making excellent calculators. Most of their classic calculators are renewed to answer user demands and advanced technology. However, the companies also maintain their older calculators’ familiarity with the newer variants.

You can choose a newer model or stick with classic choices like Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus. These calculators have been around for quite some time, especially the Hp 17BII, which is no longer available as it was renewed with the 17BII+. The two variants are very similar or almost identical, with a significant difference in the design, so we’ll go with the newer calculator. On the other hand, the BA II Plus is available in two variants, the student and professional models.

The professional model is more expensive and offers more, but the student variant should be adequate for students or if you don’t plan to use the calculator in the work field. Both Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus carry all essential features. But, depending on your preference, the Texas Instrument has a better layout for intuitiveness because standard functions like NPV and IRR are accessible from dedicated buttons. At the same time, 17BII put these functions on the menu accessible from the first row buttons.

Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus Design

Unlike graphing calculators, financial calculators are not as fancy-looking. These calculators have dual and single-line displays, respectively. The Hp calculator can show more characters up to 22, while the Texas Instrument display shows 10 characters. There won’t be much happening on the screen, so these calculators don’t need much power to perform the calculation. The 17BII requires two CR2032 batteries, the same as BA II Plus, but this model only needs one battery. The build quality is similarly good, but the Hp model feels more solid.

Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus Calculation Mode

The main difference between Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus is the calculation mode because Hp has RPN or Reverse Polish Notation and Algebraic mode while the BA II Plus only has the Algebraic mode. Still, both calculators are versatile, depending on what you want to use them for. When using 17BII in Algebraic mode, Hp has its patented method to simplify Algebraic equations. For example, if you want to calculate 2 + 3 x 4, the calculator will calculate the first two values, giving you 5 x 4 and 20.

If you want to get 12 for the result, we must put the 3 x 4 in a bracket. If you want the more straightforward method, we suggest using the RPN mode because it is faster and doesn’t require you to use a bracket but still gives 12. RPN may be a bit more challenging for new users, but it is more convenient. Read also: Casio FX-9750GIII Vs FX-CG50.

Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus Interface

The second difference is the interface because Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus show different information. We believe most people will be more familiar with the BA II Plus as it looks like a regular calculator. The 17BII has soft buttons or a menu that is always visible, which is why you can’t see the stack when in RPN mode. Unlike many financial calculators, these two always show what you just entered, which helps if you sometimes forget what you just typed.

Because the 17BII always shows its menu, you will use the set of buttons directly below the screen to access these menus or options. Unlike the BA II Plus, where functions are accessed through the dedicated buttons depending on the calculation, the soft buttons on 17BII change functions depending on the menu shown on display. We also like the BA II Plus because the number and information look bigger.

Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus Ease of Use

The ease of use and the capabilities are similar. Personally, we find the TI BA II Plus to be easier to get familiar with. For example, when working on a cash flow, the BA II Plus can call the worksheet only by pressing the CF key. To do the same task in 17BII, you must select the FIN and CFLO keys from the menu. Entering the cash flow is also faster and more convenient on the TI BA II as you can navigate the menu through dedicated buttons instead of the menu.

Hp 17BII Vs TI BA II Plus

Hp 17BII and TI BA II Plus are equally capable financial calculators but slightly different. You can find the typical functions on both calculators, but Hp 17BII is generally the more capable model and more complicated. If you are used to classic Hp RPN calculators, this model will make you feel right at home. RPN is not as familiar as the Algebraic method used in the TI BA II Plus, making the latter more versatile. We also think the user interface and convenience are better on the BA II Plus.

- Sold as 1 EA.
- More than 250 built-in functions, and function programming. Highlights include two-variable statistics and forecasting.
- Quickly find solutions using the menus, prompts and messages.
- Review data stored in list format, scrolling and editing as your data changes.
- Stay organized with the built-in clock and calendar with alarms.
- Made in China
- Country of origin:- China
- Package Weight: 1.0 kilograms.
- Depreciation Schedules Bond prices and yield to call or maturity Prompted display guides you through financial calculations showing current variable and label BGN/END payment setting Partial years Ten user memories Ten-digit display List-based one- and two-variable statistics with four regression options: linear, logarithmic, exponential and power Math functions include trigonometric calculations, natural logarithms and powers.
- Impact-resistant protective cover with quick reference card included One lithium 2032 battery included APD (Automatic Power Down) conserves power Hard plastic, color-coded keys One-line, 10-digit display.


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The decision is all yours because there is no wrong choice. We recommend the Hp 17BII if you want a more capable financial calculator; it has RPN and Algebraic modes for versatility. But we also recommend the TI BA II Plus for ease of use because we think most people will find this model more intuitive and convenient. This calculator is also cheaper than 17BII.

Hp 17BII Vs TI BA II Plus

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