Hp has many excellent calculators, especially the RPN options, such as HP 17BII+ Vs HP 12C Platinum. These models are similar with some differences, such as the layout and operation, because both also use algebraic notation. You may prefer one better depending on how you use the calculator. Today we will see what else the two can offer and how they are different from one another.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the Uses of a Financial Calculator
  • What are Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum
  • How is the Design of Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum
  • How is the Display in Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum
  • How is the Operation of Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum
  • What else Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum can offer
  • Hp 17BII+ Vs Hp 12C Platinum

Financial Calculator Uses

Financial calculators are convenient and versatile because everyone can take advantage of their functions when dealing with financial stuff. The calculator can handle the time value of money or how each dollar you have today has a higher value than it would in the future. Depending on the model, you can also program the calculator to handle specific tasks. Standard calculators’ functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are still available. Other unique buttons in a financial calculator are interest rate, number of payments, and the payments.

Hp 17BII+HP 12C Platinum
Product Dimensions6 x 3 x 1 inches
3.1 x 6 x 5.1 inches
Shipping Weight3.88 ounces
3.7 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum

Those who are not students taking tests may wonder why buying a financial calculator because most of us are working on Excel or Google Sheets nowadays. But, a portable calculator is handy for doing quick calculations that you don’t need to input directly on the computer. Depending on the model, financial calculators are usually affordable. You may also find mint products at lower prices. Hp is one of the most famous calculator manufacturers, and many are familiar with their products. Read also: HP 35S Vs HP 11C.

The Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum are some of the best financial calculators they can offer. The 12C is available in several different options and has been around for decades. You can see the Platinum model on the calculator, and there is another gold-colored plate, the original version of the calculator. The main difference between these calculators is the layout because 12C, like every model in its series, uses a landscape design which benefits those who pick up the calculator with two hands.

Diving a bit deeper into the calculators also shows you that the 12C works best in RPN while the 17BII+ is best in algebraic mode; both calculators work on either mode for versatility. Another thing we notice a bit different from the Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum is the operation because the 17BII+ is more modern with a set of soft menus, which is not straightforward but somehow more intuitive. The 12C is a classic model, and new users will need some time or even the guidebook to take advantage of the calculator.

Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum Design

As with any products meant to last, the Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum carry Hp’s legacy in build quality, especially the 12C, as it feels sturdy and solid. The Platinum version has an aluminum plate to cover the top area, while the 17BII+ is plastic. Still, the 17BII+ feels firm and solid. We always love the buttons on Hp calculators, and both models have similar buttons, yet the 12C feels more premium. You can access the battery compartment at the back; these calculators use two CR2032 coin batteries.

Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum Display

The first thing we want to discuss is the display. The 12C has been around since the 80s, so the simplicity is understandable. Still, this calculator and similar models in the lineup have one of the best displays with solid color and readability, even from other viewing angles. The 17BII+ also has a good display; it is noticeably bigger to view the stacks or functions and the soft menu at the bottom. The display looks good from the front, but the readability is poor in dim conditions or from different angles.

Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum Operation

The Hp 17BII+ is an algebraic calculator with RPN mode, while the 12C is an RPN calculator with an algebraic mode. Both calculators can perform well in either mode, but the overall experience differs. RPN and algebraic have pros and cons, so it’s often a matter of preference. Many prefer the RPN mode since it is faster for more complex problems, but it also takes time to get familiar with and fully take advantage of the operation. Navigating between modes is very straightforward on both calculators.

Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum Features

Another difference that may affect your choice is additional features. If you look closer, the 12C has three percentage functions. The most common percentage function is to count a certain percentage of a specific amount. But you can also see the percentage of a certain amount from the total number and delta percent. You can do these calculations manually on the stack, but these buttons are handy and more straightforward even when you are still learning to use an RPN calculator.

The Hp 12C is also a programmable calculator, so you can write programs to do specific tasks on the device. The Hp 17BII+ is not a programmable calculator but has the Hp Solver feature, which might be more intuitive. This feature works by entering an equation and saving it, and then you can enter any of the variables and solve for the others. We found the Solver feature extremely handy and powerful, and many people will rely on it a lot for convenience. It is also relatively easy to use.

Hp 17BII+ Vs Hp 12C Platinum

Hp 17BII+ and Hp 12C Platinum are similar but quite different. If you are looking for a financial calculator with all essential functions, any of the two will be a great choice. The differences are in design, operation, and features. The 12C is a solid RPN calculator, has some handy features, and is also programmable. This calculator can be a bit complex, so you may need more time to get familiar with the device. The 17BII+ uses a more modern approach, is better as an algebraic calculator, and has a Hp Solver, a handy feature to simplify calculations.

- HP Solve customizing method
- Alpha and numeric keyboard
- Over 250 built-in functions
- 2-line by 22-character LCD
- List-based cash flow analysis
- Keystroke programming, up to 400 steps
- Simple, easy-to-read 1-line-by-10-character display
- Rpn and algebraic data entry


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The decision is yours because not everyone wants the same option. We recommend the 12C if you prefer an RPN calculator with solid financial functions, excellent build quality, and programmable. We also recommend the 17BII+ if you prefer the algebraic mode, more straightforward operation, and the Hp Solver.

HP 17BII+ Vs HP 12C Platinum

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