Financial calculators are versatile for students, professionals, and everyone who wants to use the functions for planning their financial decision. The Hp 17BII+ Vs Hp 10BII+ are some of the best financial calculators in the modern day and are also affordable for most people. The two options share similarities and differences beyond the design. Let’s see the comparison below if you wonder which model to go for.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What is a Financial Calculator
  • What are Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+
  • How are the Design of Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+
  • How is the Interface of Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+
  • What are the Calculation Modes in Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+
  • How is the Ease of Use of Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+
  • Hp 17BII+ Vs Hp 10BII+

Financial Calculator

Calculators come in different types and functions, one of which is a financial calculator. This calculator is handy for business and finance as it includes some crucial components you may not see on the typical calculator. These features make the device more convenient and make life much easier when you need to find, for example, the rate of return on an investment or loan payment. Like most tools, financial calculators have their functions specializing in finance subjects and solving different problems than scientists or mathematicians.

Hp 17BII+Hp 10BII+
Product Dimensions6 x 3 x 1 inches
‎9.37 x 7.09 x 1.1 inches
Shipping Weight3.88 ounces
‎3 ounces
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About Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+

The physicist may not need to calculate bond yields or depreciation while cosine is not common for someone who works in finance. The best tool is the one that fits your application or purpose. You can find financial calculators in handheld devices and computer software/apps. Due to the design and interface, using a handheld calculator is usually faster and more comfortable than pressing different keys using the mouse. Still, the choice is yours because not everyone has the same preference.

Financial calculators are available from many brands; you can choose freely. Hp is one of the most famous calculator brands, similar to Texas Instruments, and it has many good options like Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+. Both calculators are not new models but upgrades over the predecessor, so if you have used the older model, you will feel right at home. As the names suggest, these calculators are similar but different, and the Hp 17BII+ is the higher model or, the more capable calculator.

One of the reasons why Hp 17BII+ is a higher model is because the model can do both algebra and RPN modes, while the Hp 10BII+ is only an algebraic calculator. The display and the operations are also different, but basic functionalities are all available on both units. Another noticeable difference is that Hp 10BII+ provides the functions through a soft menu that you can access from the first row of buttons. Price-wise, the 17BII+ is also more expensive with more capabilities. Read also: Hp 17BII Vs TI BA II Plus.

Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+ Design

These calculators are similar in design, with boxy and flat sides, as opposed to older models with curved sides. The material is the same as these calculators are made of plastic. The display is about the same size, with Hp 17BII+ slightly wider as it can show 2 x 22 lines, while the 10BII+ has 1 x 12 characters. The display, text, and number look more solid and high resolution on the 17BII+. Both calculators use two CR2032 batteries, which should last for about a year.

Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+ Interface

The interface is the most noticeable difference between Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+ because 17BII+ has a more complex interface. But, you will use the home screen for regular calculation, which works identically. The difference is the screen, as Hp 10BII+ looks like a standard calculator while the other has more pixels and smoother-looking numbers. You can find other functions at the bottom of 17BII+’s screen, which is accessible from the set of buttons below it. On the other hand, these features are accessible from the buttons of 10BII+.

As you can see, the 10BII+ has a packed layout, and many small texts are on the buttons and keypad. This calculator has an Up and Down button to access these additional features. To make the functions more noticeable, Hp prints the upper function with blue paint and the bottom with dark orange paint. You must press the Up/Down button to access these additional functions.

Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+ Calculation Mode

The second main difference between Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+ is the calculation mode because the 17BII+ has both algebraic and RPN modes while the 10BII+ is an algebraic calculator with chain mode. This mode can be a bit confusing for those unfamiliar with RPN, especially when you can’t see the stack like in 17BII+. However, this method is worth learning because it is time-saving and more convenient, especially when working with more complex problems. The algebraic modes in both calculators are also different.

In Hp 10BII+, you can type 2 + 3 x 4 and get 12, but in the same operation, you will get 20 on 17BII+, making the two quite different. The Hp 10BII+ has a chain mode similar to this method, where the equations are evaluated based on your order. Simply put, the chain mode adds an equal after every term of your equation. If you want to get 14 with the same numbers in 17BII+, you must enter the numbers as 2 + (3 x 4), so the calculator can calculate the numbers inside the bracket first.

Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+ Ease of Use

The ease of use of Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+ are similar but also different. The Hp 17BII+ has more functions than you can get on 10BII+, but it also makes the calculator more complicated as you have to dig through the menu. We think the 10BII+ is more beginner-friendly if you have never used a similar financial calculator. The 17BII+ is not as complicated as a scientific and graphing calculator, but it needs more time to get familiar with, especially remembering the function you want to use.

Hp 17BII+ Vs Hp 10BII+

Hp has various financial calculators that you can opt for. The Hp 17BII+ and Hp 10BII+ are similar but different. Both calculators have basic operations, but the 17BII+ is the more capable choice. This calculator has more functions than 10BII+ and RPN mode. The calculator also has a better display to show better information. The 10BII+’s interface is more straightforward, making it more beginner-friendly. In addition, the algebraic mode in both calculators is a bit different.

- HP Solve customizing method
- Alpha and numeric keyboard
- Over 250 built-in functions
- 2-line by 22-character LCD
- List-based cash flow analysis
- The HP 10bII+ is the smart choice for business and finance needs.
- You'll be able to work quicker and more efficiently with over 100 time-saving, easily-accessible business functions.
- Easily calculate loan payments, interest rates and conversions, standard deviation, percent, TVM, NPV, IRR, cash flows, and more.
- With so many useful features, and an affordable price, the calculator from Hewlett and Packard, HP 10BII+ adds up to a wise investment. Permitted for use on the CFP Certification Exam.
- Perfect Protection for the HP 10 BII Plus


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The decision is yours because there is no wrong choice. You can spend more and choose the 17BII+ to have more functions and RPN mode. RPN mode is often preferred for convenience but is not as familiar as the algebraic mode. Still, the 17BII+ has both modes and a better display than the 10BII+. But, if you want the more straightforward model, we recommend the Hp 10BII+ as it is easier to get familiar with.

Hp 17BII+ Vs Hp 10BII+

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