Some time ago, we compared HP 15C to HP 12C. On this chance, we are going to compare HP 15C to HP 32Sii. Well, this time, the two contenders are more of collectible items, which is why they are being priced at exquisite prices. Nonetheless, you can still find them at more reasonable prices if you know where to look for. Besides, both models are still immensely popular to be used in real life due to their excellent performance. Just in case that you are unable to decide between HP 15C and HP 32Sii, here is the comparison of the two.

HP 15C Vs 32Sii

HP 15C
You should choose HP 15C and not the other one if you plan to use your calculator more for scientific calculations. It has more scientific functions and features than HP 32Sii. To be specific, HP 15C can perform matrix math operations as well as true complex calculations, two things that are unable to be done by HP 32Sii. It is also one the smallest HP calculators ever, boasting an extremely compact and slim body, as well as a light weight. About performance, HP 15C and HP 32Sii may seem similar, more or less, but HP 15C actually has a bigger memory than HP 32Sii, so, it can be better and somehow faster for handling a long computation process. Its tiny set of batteries is also ultimately long-lasting, proven to able to run for decades.

HP 32Sii
You may want to opt for HP 32Sii instead of HP 15C if you plan to use your calculator more for programming and debugging – that is, if you are not familiar yet with HP 15C. HP 15C can also be used for programming and debugging, but the display for such purpose is more complicated. That is not an issue if you are already familiar with HP 15C, but, if you have no prior experience, HP 32Sii will be much more convenient. In HP 32Sii, command codes are presented alphanumerically, thus making interpretation more straightforward and much easier. It has more than 100 built-in scientific functions, but keep in mind that some features from HP 15C are omitted here, as stated before, which include matrix operations and true complex calculations.

HP 15C Vs 32Sii

NameHP 15CHP 32Sii
Features- The classic HP 15c scientific calculator - Simple, intelligent design. Advanced scientific features - It has unique HP RPN - It has portable, user-friendly layout- More than 100 built-in math and science functions - Essential trig and math functions - Base conversions and arithmetic - Data entry using reverse Polish notation

Rating4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.5 out of 5.0 stars
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For the most versatility, you should choose HP 15C. It can do well for different needs. It also has the best performance. But, if you know what you are doing, and you are aware that you are only going for programming and debugging, HP 32Sii can be a viable option.

HP 15C Vs 32Sii
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