Not only famous in the market of computer and its complementary devices, but HP is also one of the most notable calculator manufacturers of the world. They have made premium quality calculators since decades ago, and their calculators are very well-known for high-performance and rugged construction. One of the most loved HP calculators was HP 15C. Since the first release dating back in 1982, a lot of people have used HP 15C. Some of the original devices are even still working to this day, simply showing how rugged and long-lasting these products are. However, HP 15C was discontinued, only to be re-released recently as HP 15C Limited Edition. Nevertheless, the re-release is identical to the original product, yet being priced at an astonishingly high price, mostly because of the limited edition, collectible nature. Some people now compare HP 15C to HP 12C, which was originally released in 1981 but is still manufactured continually today. Certainly, HP 12C is more affordable than the re-release of HP 15C. Which one is better?

HP 15C Vs 12C

HP 15C and HP 12C both have identical physical sizes and weights. Both are very compact, slim, and lightweight with only 4 ounces of mass, so you will not have any trouble bringing them anywhere. HP 15C is labelled as a scientific calculator, while HP 12C is labelled as a financial calculator. Such difference should have given you the general idea of how these two products are different from each other. An engineering student will find that HP 15C is much handier and more reliable because it comes with more advanced math, scientific, and statistical functions, including the presence of trigonometric functions, root finder, complex numbers, and matrix operations. On the other hand, HP 12C comes with what HP 15C lacks: financial functions. HP 12C possesses complete financial functions like time value of money, cash flow analysis, depreciation, amortization, bonds, and calendar functions.

Nonetheless, it is worth acknowledgement that HP 15C promises better performance than HP 12C. HP 15C is armed with bigger RAM, which allows the limited edition calculator to calculate faster and do more complex programs. Both utilize RPN programming language.

HP 15C Vs 12C

NameHP 15CHP 12C
Features- The classic HP 15c scientific calculator - Simple, intelligent design. Advanced scientific features - It has unique HP RPN - It has portable, user-friendly layout- Enhanced version for professionals and students - It is marked as 30th Anniversary Edition on front case - It is Limited Edition - It has unique production number stamped on case

Rating4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.3 out of 5.0 stars
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As the rule of thumb, you should choose HP 12C if you need financial functions, HP 15C if you need a scientific calculator. However, if you are not exactly interested in spending a big chunk of money for the re-released HP 15C Limited Edition, you should consider other options.

HP 15C Vs 12C
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