Calculator will help you to solve various numerical problems and depending on the type, they are made to do best on certain application just like how HP 12C Vs HP 10bII will be a very ideal option if you are taking finance/accounting classes and certification exams such as the CFP or the CFA. Both of them are two of the best in the market for this purpose and if you are also considering getting one, do check what they can offer below.

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  • HP 12C Vs HP 10bII

Financial Calculator

Humans need tools to ease their daily life and these tools evolve as our knowledge is widening as well, so today we can do various tasks conveniently and easily compared to for example the time when our grandparents were our age. Calculator is one of the most important tools that play a necessary part in technology and our education system too because they will save time and ease your work by taking care of the calculation part as you think about how to solve the problem.

It is widely used in various establishments including in education especially those taking higher education and some courses needed to get their certification. At first most of us thought calculators will be the same for any application but the one we used at home to calculate how much we will spend and manage income will be different to those used by college students taking calculus. Every type is designed to work best in certain applications so everyone should choose the one that fits their activity the most.

If you are here then it means the type of calculator you are looking for is a financial one and this is common being used by financial professionals or finance and accounting students. Different from the one we used to solve scientific problems, this electronic device is prominently different for its ease of use when it comes to solving a wide range of financial parameters. For example, you will be able to calculate payments in an instant based on the input values and the applied parameters.

Financial Calculator Options

Financial calculators are available in a wide range or model and price so the best choice for everyone can be different yet, it is easy to decide which model to get based on the application itself. Popular and affordable calculators such as Texas Instruments BA II Plus Vs HP 10bII that cost below $35 in most cases will do just good for students who are taking basic learning such as introductory functions of financial calculator. They have all the basic functions as well as easy to use even for beginners.

For those who are taking a higher education, these types of calculator may lack in various functions but then again, those missing functions are rarely used and we see it is rarely noticed by most users. If you are taking Financial Management in an MBA program or an undergraduate student, there are higher models to consider. Our tip is don’t spend too much as today we will be solving calculations using spreadsheet which is far more convenient for we can just enter the formula and get the work done quickly.

About HP 12C and HP 10bII

Now when you have an image on how the calculator needs to be or which model to choose from, deciding a budget first can be a time saver for we can limit the option to be quite narrow. Many reliable good models are available below $50 and you can pick any one them both those by American or Japanese brands that are sold in stores but, if you have a favorite brand already, we can stick with them as it is faster to select the option. 

When talking about financial calculators, we are sure other users will recommend you one of HP products because they are among the best in this product range that their older calculators are always chosen both by older users and us new students. They also have various similar calculators to consider and with some differences to serve slightly different convenience yet, in general all of them are very reliable. We also love the fact that their products are affordable unless you go for their higher level ones.

If you are going to only use the basic functions, two of the most ideal options from the brand will be HP 12C and HP 10bII because both of them are also the most popular choices in the catalogue beside the newer 10bII+. Almost every finance student and professionals who are taking their course in 80 or 90s are familiar with the former because this is one of the most useful and highly reliable options at their time that many are still using today.

The latter is a more common option for students as it is very cheap and easy to use but also reliable to solve various problems in their course. It is also easy to use and get used to due to the simple operation. Its prominent competitor is the BA II Plus from Texas Instrument yet side by side they are equally powerful and it is probably only a matter of taste or which system and layout you are more used to. 

HP 12C and HP 10bII Design

Side by side you can tell HP 12C and HP 10bII apart easily because they are very much different to each other and in this side the former, will look like something coming out of our parent’s era, with the classic, serious look. It has this landscape layout as opposed to the portrait one of 10bII and for some people this layout works better for them, including us for the buttons have more space between each other making it easier to press without afraid pressing the wrong ones.

If you are used to modern calculators, the 10bII is actually easier to see especially on the display since it is slightly bigger in comparison. One thing stays the same in both of these models is their keys or button design because they are the still the one with a slightly thicker center, making it stand out a bit higher and give a nice feeling when pressed. While the layout is different, their keys are still the same including the double function.

Setting Up HP 12C and HP 10bII

Moving further, now let’s see how different HP 12C and HP 10bII when you first using the calculator and for example, the first thing we often do before solving problem in a new calculator is setting the decimals which usually preset at 2 but you can add them up to 9 in both of these models. What’s different is that setting up 12C will be faster as you only need to press the golden key and then press the number of decimals you want.

On the 10bii, this function needs another key to press; after pressing the golden key now press the DSP button followed by the number of decimals we desired. It doesn’t seem difficult but can be an annoying part if you are used to the older calculator.

Using HP 12C and HP 10bII

Moving forward let’s see how HP 12C and HP 10bII have different systems and this is because the older one is using RPN or Reverse Polish Notation which will affect how the numbers and function are entered into the calculator. For example when solving 10 plus 5 divided by 3, in regular calculators including 10bII, you will press 10 then + and than 5 followed by =, then the result then shown and we press  followed by 3 and then = again if not using parenthesis.

In RPN calculators, what you need to do is pressing 10, enter, and then 5, followed by +, and then 3 finished by pressing  which will give you the result of 5. Side by side, the best thing about the RPN system is it will simplify your calculation especially when it is about using parenthesis but, this will require practice to get used to in case you never have one. Overall it is a matter of preference for the numbers we are getting are still the same yet, RPN does look and perform simpler.

HP 12C and HP 10bII Feature

As you know that HP 12C is about twice the price of 10bII, and this is probably because this older model is giving you more possibility to solve more functions due to its ability of being programmed. It is not something that most students will be doing because our textbook will only require those basic functions already available but if you are a professional and will need something like combinations and permutations, we can write a program for this calculator.

HP 12C vs HP 10bII

Both of them are great options if you are in the market for a financial calculator because they will do all the basic and common functions we often accessed. Their difference is that 12C is using RPN which may be foreign for many students as we are more familiar with the algebraic system yet, it does feel simpler when you are used to. In addition, this calculator will let you program functions that it doesn’t carry from the factory but, we also have to put more effort into doing it as well.

NameHP 12C HP 10bII
Features- High Quality and Durable 12C#ABA , # 2072689 - Portable Design - Energy Star Certified - Adjustable contrast display - Over 100 built-in functions - Algebraic data entry - Intuitive keyboard layout with easy-to-read labels - Adjustable contrast display

Rating4.0 out of 4.5 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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All in all you can go great with any of them so it is a matter of preference and function because for most students, the HP10BII will be a better choice for its powerful calculation, convenience, and complete features but, for professionals you may want the more versatile HP 12C.

HP 12C vs HP 10bII
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