What is The Calculator? Understanding the calculator in a nutshell is a tool to calculate. Understanding the complete Calculator is a tool for calculating of simple calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and Division up to the scientific calculator can calculate certain mathematical formulas. In its development today, the calculator is often included as an extra function rather than computers, cellphones, and even watches. For example on the calculator with the brand HP, HP 12 c Platinum and HP10BII. Two of these calculators often compared from various aspects and we will try to make to the review below.

HP 12C Platinum vs HP10BII

HP 12C Platinum
The HP 12C Platinum is remarkable especially on the longevity as a standard computational device for financial professionals. This calculator has prepared and also programmed into it many of the essential computational functions that you are in these disparate fields need to use on an ongoing basic such as Accountants, auditors, controllers, corporate treasurers, risk managers, management scientists, and so on. Moreover, it can perform these functions clearly and efficiently. In addition, the HP 12c can store custom programs developed by the user. And the HP 12c was designed to be remarkably energy efficient, an actual performance far exceeds the official specifications, and the original model was powered by 3 button sized camera batteries, the manual projected 6-12 months of normal usage (or 80-180 hours of continuous program running). All is depending on whether one installed alkaline or more expensive silver oxide batteries. (Have a look : HP 12C Vs 12CP)

HP 10BII can solve all sorts of financial and mathematical problems with the Hewlett Packard 10BII financial calculator. This calculator business machine is handy and works well as part of your school, work, and household calculating. With it, you can also calculate cash flows, find forecasts, determine a loan payment, and figure out percentages. You can save lots of valuable time and possible frustration by letting this system do the figuring. The features are more than 100 functions for business, statistics, math, and finance operations. While, the tool is only 1 inch thick and 10 inches long that allows you to have it on hand no matter where your business may take you. There is an algebraic entry system and the keyboard has a highly intuitive layout too. The overall number and function keys are simple to locate and use. You can just enter a number and proceed with the calculation, then press the clear entry key to type in your desired change or to start a new problem. Or you can press another button to store your final result if you want to refer to it later. This system also has a 12-character, seven-segment LCD screen display that is easy to read.

HP 12C Platinum Vs HP 10BII

NameHP 12C PlatinumHP 10BII
Features- RPN and algebraic data entry - Simple, easy-to-read 1-line-by-10-character display - Over 130 built-in business, financial, statistical, and math functions - Keystroke programming, up to 400 steps - Includes carrying case and long-life battery- HP 10BII+ Financial Calculator - The HP 10bII+ is the smart choice for business and finance needs - You'll be able to work quicker and more efficiently with over 100 time-saving, easily-accessible business functions

Rating4.5 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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What review course provider are you using? We know that most of you use the HP12C as there are many tricks and shortcuts you can use the HP12C for the legal ones. If you like the 10BII might use it, but we seem finding the HP12C so much more logical to use inside. And you will be using your calculator really a lot and even need to know it inside out, so get the one that fits you best.

HP 12C Platinum Vs HP 10BII

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