Today’s modern era calculator not just for computation of addition, multiplication, subtraction, or others. There have been many outstanding scientific calculator or often referred to. Then calculator functions exactly what scientific or scholarly? Are there any benefits from a regular calculator? Of course a lot. Call it brand to mobile with the series 11C and 15 c, this calculator so much store excess on syntax available. However, Does the HP 11C HP 15 c is appropriate for you to use? Let us take a look on here.

HP 11C Vs 15C

HP 11C
The HP 11C is a mid range scientific programmable calculator with two features of a built-in random number generator and a backspace key to correct a digit at a time. While the non-programmable also featured in this calculator such as Hyperbolic and inverse hyperbolic trig functions, Probability, Factorial and absolute value, and last a backspace or random number generator. The HP-11C also included a limited user definable keyboard so that the user mode is in effect the gold shifted labels A-E are swapped with the unsifted math functions on the same keys. They are all allowed 5 user programs to be invoked with single keystrokes. The HP-11C has 63 lines of permanent program space. As programs grew larger than 63 lines, registers were converted into additional program space starting at R.9 and ending at R0.

HP 15C
The HP 15C is an advanced scientific programmable calculator. It is a tool that provide the solve and integrate functions with 2 completely new features for an HP handheld calculator. Just as we can see there is a full four-level stack for RPN calculations on complex numbers. This could be disabled to save memory, and it is also used temporarily for internal calculations by the store and the integration commands. You will be provided by the new innovation of the provision of all possible conditional tests, for example comparing the contents of the X register with either the Y register or the zero. There is the lack of alphabetic characters on this calculator that means it is accepted in exams where newer HP calculators are rejected because they could be used to store notes and formulae. We will mention some principal features of the HP 15C: Scientific programmable, complex number functions, matrix arithmetic, solve function, integrate and statistical functions, and many other features. (Have a look : HP 15C Vs 12C)

HP 11C Vs 15C

NameHP 11CHP 15C
Features- One of the best scientific calculators HP ever made- Simple, intelligent design - Advanced scientific features

Rating4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.0 out of 5.0 stars
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Almost come with similar features even design, between Hp 11C and 15C is hardly finding the differences. But, when we are deeply looking for it, we may find that the features are a bit different especially in Recall Arithmetic and some advanced math features too, such as root finder, numeric integration, complex number, and matrix operations. While for the memory and programming, still the HP 15C is the winner because of it features more in RAM or Max# of variables or addressable registers and program steps.

HP 11C Vs 15C
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