A graphing calculator will be very useful in class or your exams but not every option is the same because each system has their own pros and cons and depending on which seems to work best in your application, options like Casio FX-CG500 Vs FX-CG50 are going to be very useful. These are very popular calculators for students with similar abilities and they are not exactly the same so before deciding the option, let’s see below about what they can offer.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • How Graphing Calculator Evolve Education
  • What are the Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50
  • How are the Design of Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50
  • How are the CAS in Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50
  • How are the Graphing Function in Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50
  • What else Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 can offer
  • Casio FX-CG500 Vs FX-CG50

Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculator is an aging system that will probably disappear in the future with advanced classes and educators moving to the more convenient and easily available system like those we can get from almost any smartphone. Things move so fast and this also happens in the educational system but for now and in the near future, we do think calculators will still be helpful. If you don’t use them in classes at least the application is still required for exams. 

Calculator in general is a tool designed to improve our productivity and efficiency since apparently our brain can’t keep up with complex math problems without the help from other tools. In classes, you will often see teachers talk about two kinds of methods. One of them is instrumental understanding which is coming from how we understand the process and procedure but don’t really get the mathematical reasons behind it. It is like knowing how but don’t know why.

It is often used to teach division of fractions and the reasoning behind it makes quite a sense too because the numbers are not ours and our job is just to work on it. On the other hand, the harder method is probably relational understanding which is much better if you can afford to. It is not only understanding how to invert and multiply but also why such a process will make the result or why the procedure resulting in the quotient of two fractions.

Casio FX-CG500 FX-CG50
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10.32 x 7.21 x 2.05 inches
Shipping Weight1.15 pounds
12.8 ounces
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Graphing calculators is a tool made to help students or anyone who are solving complicated math problems with a promise to help in developing the relational understanding so while the calculator is working on the “how”, we can be more focused on “why”. The impact of graphing calculators is very prominent since they require the tool for the AP calculus program. Before 1995, students had to use rules to find the derivatives and integrals of functions but it changed after graphing calculators as necessary instruments.

Over time, exams are evolving too and when teachers are starting to use calculators, students become more involved in the movement because they now don’t only learn to use one but learn math by using one. The example is application of zoom feature on graphing calculator so students can compare and contrast the local and global behavior of certain functions. By getting closer students will be able to see the difference in local area and globally so they can gain relational understanding of the function.

About Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50

While we never know how the educational system will improve again in the future and the possibility that we don’t use the graphing calculator again, it is still very much necessary in today’s world. The tool is extremely useful for students or professionals who are working on complicated math problems on a daily basis. This is why you will find plenty of them in the market which surely add to the confusion when you have to choose one, especially when most of them are very similar to each other.

You can start shopping based on the brand of calculator that you are more familiar with. It is not a guarantee that they will provide the best option but in most cases their performance and ability will be about the same such as Casio FX-CG500 Vs FX-CP400. Casio is a very famous brand and if you are not interested in buying a TI model then this Japanese brand is an equally good option to consider. They do offer various choices however which can be quite different from each other.



Some of the most well-known graphing calculators from the brand are Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 which feels like another version of each other. These graphing calculators are very similar too and they are equally useful. The CG500 is a higher version however because we do think they are more capable and in comparison, depending on what function you will need from the calculator, our choice can be different. If you don’t need CAS and just want a good calculator, the CG50 will be an ideal choice.

However, as expected this is more of a mid-range option that lacks some of the more advanced features, especially the CAS which you may want to use. The FX-CG500 on the other hand is one of the most capable calculators from Casio so it is not surprising that it is quite expensive as well. It is actually comparable to the famous HP Prime and CX II CAS by Texas Instrument. As an overall system, the Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 are very useful, reliable, and solid choices we can rely on during HS and probably college. 

Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 Design 

Before getting into what Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 can offer, first let’s take a look into these calculators. As you can see, they are pretty much different with CG500 being the one with larger screen measured at 4.8 inch diagonally while the CG50 is 3.1 inches. As expected, you will find the rest of the buttons on CG500 located inside the screen so the stylus is needed to select them more efficiently. In terms of convenience, we do think the CG50 will be easier to work with.

All of the buttons are located on the layout and while it makes the screen much smaller, there should be enough space to see the graph and icon. The material is good and the buttons are all robust as well yet, it seems that CG500 is a little bit downgraded from CP400 since many experience a laggy screen. Overall the two are good calculators that should fit on so many pockets, price and dimension wise. As for the battery, they will need 4 AA batteries to power the device.

Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 CAS

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 can offer. As it has been mentioned above, the CG50 is lacking in function and the most important is CAS. CAS is short for Computer Algebra System which means we can work on problems that are usually only done by hand such as solving algebra problems and factor expressions evaluate indefinite integrals. CAS is extremely useful and reliable and can save a lot of energy compared to when it is done manually.

For the CG500, it seems that there are some minor issues with the calculation because it can’t work on some trig identity operations which should be able to be solved by many similar calculators. In general the CAS in this calculator is capable of working on most single expression problems whether it is with or without variables.



Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 for Graphing 

As graphing calculators, the Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 are strongest in this area and they also make use of the color display really well. Overall the two are very capable and similarly reliable while the interface is also straightforward. There might be some slight differences due to the screen layout but everything can be easily viewed, especially on the CG500 since it got the larger screen. This calculator can separate the screen too so we get all of the information on display.

Additionally, they can do 3D graphing as well which in operation is very similar to the 2D option. The graph just looks fine without being special but it is awesome for CG50 since it is rarely seen on a calculator in the price point. If you are a person of speed and want a snappy calculator, we don’t think any of the two are as interesting in this function.

Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 Features 

Lastly we want to talk about the additional feature that we think worth mentioning and one of them is the math textbook view. This feature is actually present in so many different calculators including both Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50. This feature gives you the convenience of seeing the result as natural as what we see in textbooks and papers. This feature may sound simple but it helps a lot when you are reading and entering the expressions. Additionally, you can find lots of math apps as well on both calculators.

Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50

Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 are good calculators and should be useful at least during your high school years. The noticeable differences from the two are only CAS and the screen size while the core seems to be very similar to each other. The menu and interface are easy to understand while the natural textbook view helps a lot in understanding the functions. The rest of important features are the same and they can equally graph wonderfully.

- Color graphing Calculator - extra large 4.8" touchscreen LCD with Stylus.
- Natural textbook display
- High resolution extra large LCD with over 65000 colors
- Advanced Computer algebra system (case)
- Color graphing Calculator with High resolution LCD display (over 65, 000 colors)
- Natural textbook display
- Picture plot technology/ Real life images
- 3 D graphing capability


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The option is all yours and we do think choosing between Casio FX-CG500 and FX-CG50 will be easy because if you will need CAS later then it is wise to go for the higher option CG500 but if you won’t need it the CG50 is pretty much the same in ability. 


Casio FX-CG500 VS FX-CG50

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