We have ever mentioned Casio FX-115ES Plus in our review of Texas Instruments TI-30XS, and we have ever compared the product against Texas Instruments TI-36X Pro. This time, we will conduct a brief yet rich review about Casio FX-115ES Plus. To provide you some background, Casio FX-115ES Plus is an update of Casio FX-115ES. Casio FX-115ES Plus is a very popular choice for a budget-friendly scientific calculator. It is often considered comparable to Texas Instruments TI-30XS, but they have different key advantages. While Texas Instruments TI-30XS has a versatile usability, Casio FX-115ES Plus has an extraordinary accuracy for its class.

Casio FX-115ES Plus Review - Extreme Affordability, Nice Accuracy

Casio even dared to make a statement as bold as claiming Casio FX-115ES Plus as one of their most advanced scientific calculators ever. This is due to the powerful engine given and the sophisticated computation algorithm embedded in the device. The algorithm is strong yet complex, and if you put the additional features like natural textbook display and multi-replay, there is no need to wonder why Casio FX-115ES Plus is not the fastest calculator on the class. Yes, it is not something very fast, though the time differences with other calculators are usually unnoticeable to most users. However, most people will certainly forgive the slight compromise in speed because Casio FX-115ES Plus yields an excellently near-accurate result. That is proven once you try testing it with The Calculator Forensics Algorithm. Compared to other calculators, especially the ones in its class, Casio FX-115ES Plus does an excellent job in yielding the desired result.

Another great nifty feature, which has been said in the previous paragraph, is the natural textbook display. Not all calculators in its class are given this convenience feature. With the natural textbook display, you can read the equations and expressions in the proper way much as they are written in textbooks. It saves you from the headaches caused by complicated, long syntaxes. Also, it has the multi-replay feature, which will allow you to step back from your current calculation to the previous entry, as many times as needed. This is very neat, as you can utilize the feature to re-check your answers and re-calculate the equations with different numbers.

Casio FX-115ES Plus comes with a considerably complete list of basic scientific functions as well as some other advanced maths. The two-line display screen is pretty bright. Casio FX-115ES Plus is allowed in most exams, and is powered by a two-line power system consisting of battery and solar cell. All in all, with its nice accuracy, Casio FX-115ES Plus can be a very handy companion for college as well as for work.

Operating system Natural V.P.A.M
Protective hard case Yes
Clear last entry and clear all Yes
Review & edit preview entries Yes
Overhead Model Available Yes
Fixed decemial capabilities Yes
Multi-replay Yes
Plastic Keys Yes

Price of Casio FX-115ES Plus
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Casio FX-115ES Plus Review: Extreme Affordability, Nice Accuracy

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