Calculator, nowadays is an additional tool to help people calculate, that has been used since long time ago, and will be continuously used for now and later. In line with technology developing calculators is not only able to do simple calculations, but also, they have developed into complicated calculation with program installed. Nowadays, professional calculators, such as physics calculators, accounting and financial calculators, and much more is available. The ease and the accuracy of its results makes them are continuously developed. Here, we are going to get you know more about professional calculator, especially finance calculator. Coming from Casio FC 200V and HP 12C, seeing by:

  1. How legit is the design?
  2. How are the features?
  3. How’s its suitability?
  4. How’s its durability?
  5. Is it worth the price?

Now let’s talk a bit deeper.

Casio FC 200V

Casio, coming with a lot of various products which one of them is calculator. Before starting to produce other products such as wristwatch, Casio produce calculator as a pioneer of its company. Calculator is Casio’s first product launch. Since then, Casio start to upgrade and add more product to offer. Read also: Casio fx-9750GII Vs fx-9860GII


First time seeing its packing, Casio FC 200V is truly an eye catching. Coming with a rectangle shape and portrait look, in size 12.2 x 80 x 161 mm, with its weight 105gr, feels so simple, portable and easy to carry anywhere. This one is also completed with hard case cover and hard case body. Unlike the other type who does not provide a body cover. This type is provided with removable slide down hard case cover. The design looks smart. 


Casio FC 200V as a financial calculator who provide more various calculating type, compare to the other brand, even the last version of the same Casio FC. Not only a standard and simple calculating mode, this Casio FC200V is provided with much more advanced and more complete calculation mode for financials, such as Depreciation calculations, Bond calculations, Breakeven Points calculation and Amortization calculations, which possible the user to carry out the current reduction calculation by paying the same amount in each period. 

This is amazing offers coming from Casio FC200V. Also, this Casio Fc 200V is supported with three languages for the manual instruction, which are Spanish, French and English. 


Seeing how excellent the features that Casio FC 200V offers, this calculator is truly suitable for financials or accountings. No doubt at all for this. 


This Casio FC 200V is completed with solar cell for battery charging, possible this Casio to absorb a solar energy by sun. more environmentally friendly, less battery usage, even this Casio FC 200V is just needing 1 battery to support. Some customer says, it takes around 3 years for the first-time battery changing, even Casio itself claims that the battery is available for 6-12 months. Surprisingly, it goes longer that its prediction. 


This Casio FC 200V costs $32.99. This is quite cheap, seeing how excellent the feature is. This is the best deal for its price. 

HP 12C

Similar to the other IT company, HP or Hewlett-Packard, located in Palo Alto, California, launches not only device but also calculator. As we know that HP is an excellent runner for its other product. Let’s check, is this calculator HP 12C as excellent as other HP’s product?


This HP 12C is design with a smart look. Why do I say smart? The design looks so professional, like a proper and trusted counting tools. Coming with a rectangle shape and landscape look, in size 128 x 79 x 15 mm, with its weight 116 gr, feels so simple, portable and easy to carry anywhere. The same mobile as the Casio FC 200V. on the other hand, unlike the previous version Casio FC 200V which is completed with hard case cover. 

This HP 12C is completed with a premium protective pouch. No case but a pouch. What a surprise packaging, I personally never found a calculator with pouch. This is nice offer, and sure more eye catching. without lower its smart look, this looks cute outside, and smarter inside.


HP 12C as an all in one calculator. This one is completed with lots of professional pre-programs, such as accountants, auditors, controllers, corporate treasurers, risk managers, financial analysts, securities analysts, bankers, loan officers, bank examiners, credit counselors, financial planners and advisor, money managers, investment bankers, securities underwriters, insurance sales agents, actuaries, statisticians, economists and so forth. 

These lists are not complete, there are more. In addition of custom program which could be arranged by the users. This is truly convenient, multi-function and smarter. Compare to the Casio FC 220V which just provide a financial function only. This is coming much more complete. 


Seeing how outstanding the features that HP 12c offers, this calculator is truly suitable for almost any jobs. Banker, financials, accountants, and so forth fit this HP 12C pretty well. No doubt at all for this.


Unlike the previous one, Casio FC 200V which is completed with solar cell for battery charging. This HP 12C is supported by battery use only. One battery for two years estimated time. Some customer says, it takes almost 10 years for them for the first-time battery changing. Furthermore, some says this HP 12C is built-up last to 30 years. This fact is surprising me. This product could be your life time partner. One time purchase forever. 


This HP 12C costs $51.99. This is very expensive, seeing how outstanding the feature is. This is super best deal for its price. No doubt at all for having these. If you are a banker, accounting, financials even a college student related to economic major. I personally recommend this HP 12C for you.

Casio FC 200V vs HP 12C

NameCasio FC 200V HP 12C
Features- Financial Calculator - Design that delivers High availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance - Made in United states - Full dot, 4-line display- High Quality and Durable 12C#ABA , # 2072689 - Portable Design - Energy Star Certified - Thorough and simple instruction manual

Rating4.7 out of 5.0 stars4.4 out of 5.0 stars
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NOTE : Product prices, availability, ratings and save money information are accurate as of the date/time indicated on post time (as seen right bellow the post) and are subject to change. Any price, availability and save money information displayed on Amazon Site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Both are pretty amazing for casual users or professional financials. Taking back to what you need, just fits your job to its function. The more function the more expensive. The less function the cheaper it is. I personally prefer HP 12C for its various program, one fits all. 

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