Are you looking for an affordable yet reliable printing calculator? Having a printing calculator is essential if your job has a lot to do with finance and economics. For a budget around fifty bucks or so, there are Canon MP11DX and Canon MP25DV. Between the two, the former is cheaper whilst the latter is more expensive. The price difference is usually around a couple of tens of bucks. Since both products are highly praised for their excellent performance, which is the one that you should get?

Canon MP11DX Vs Canon MP25DV

The Similarities
Actually, Canon MP11DX and Canon MP25DV are almost completely identical to each other. The two don’t differ too much from each other in terms of design. They are shaped quite similarly, they weigh almost the same, and they both work with 2-1/4” (57mm) plain paper rolls. Each of them has a 12-digit backlit fluorescent tube display screen that is very easy to read, with a similar button layout. Their buttons are pretty large and well-spaced, making the usage very convenient.

Both of these calculators print by using ink ribbons. They can print in black for positive numbers and red for negative numbers. Both work quietly. They also support similar functionality, such as adjustable decimal point system, adjustable rounding system, tax calculation, sign change, item count, cost-sell margin, and grand total.

Faster Printing Speed
Despite the similarities, Canon MP25DV is priced slightly higher over Canon MP11DX not for nothing. Canon MP25DV has a higher printing speed, which is 4.3 lines per second. On the other hand, Canon MP11DX’s speed is only 3.7 lines per second. The difference can save you a few minutes when printing lengthy calculations.

Quick Reference Guide
In addition to the higher printing speed, Canon MP25DV is also equipped with a quick reference guide. The usher is retractable, placed at the bottom of the calculator. It can be very handy, especially for people using the calculator for the first time, since memorizing every specific command for all functions and features is certainly neither efficient nor practical. Canon MP11DX lacks the feature.

Canon MP11DX Vs Canon MP25DV

NameCanon MP11DXCanon MP25DV
Features- 12 Digits for all Calculations with Easy to Read Fluorescent display - High Speed Printer (3.7 lines per second) - Profit Margin Calculation - Clock and Calendar function - Prints black and red- 12-digit large fluorescent display - 2-color printing on standard 2.25-inch paper rolls - Quiet Operation - 12-digit large fluorescent display - 2-color printing on standard 2.25-inch paper rolls

Rating4.4 out of 5.0 stars4.1 out of 5.0 stars
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Should you pick Canon MP25DV? Well, if you think you need the quick reference guide, then you can go with it. The higher printing speed is a nifty bonus. Otherwise, you can save some bucks with Canon MP11DX, as the functions and features are pretty much the same.

Canon MP11DX Vs Canon MP25DV

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