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With the 2015 FE exams just around the corner everyone sitting for the exams, is busy trying to study as much as they can. However, as much as you are trying to revisit everything that you have been learning one thing that you should have in mind is a good calculator. It is obvious that you cannot do the FE without a calculator, but this does not mean that any will be okay.

Best Calculator for FE Exam 2015

Out of the approved ones, the following are 5 of the best calculator for FE exams 2015.

1. TI-36X PRO
Texas instruments have been in business for a long time and so you can be assured that they almost never disappoint with their calculators. The TI-36X pro will always be up there in any list of great calculators regardless of whether you are using it for FE or any other exams. This calculator is solar powered and so you can be assured that you will never have to go through the low battery issues.

The functionality is matched by only a few other calculators. You will probably be discovering a new functionality almost every day for a long time to come. One of the most outstanding features of this calculator is the built in function for solving equations. What would have otherwise taken you 5 minutes to do by hand will only take a fraction of that. See the comparison between TI-36X Pro Vs TI-30XS Multiview.

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2. Hewlett Packard: HP 35s
With the success of HO in the manufacturing of computers, it would only be fair for one to expect a high-quality calculator. If you are taking your FE in 2015 then the HP 35s is definitely a good calculator option for you. With a 30KB in-built memory and more than 100 built-in functions, it is definitely up to the task.

However, if you prefer a fancy looking calculator then this will probably not be the calculator for you as it looks very basic. The two-line display may also be a shortcoming for some people. However, it will serve you well in your FE exams. See the comparison between HP 33s Vs HP 35s.

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3. TI-30X Multiview
The first thing that will draw you to this calculator is its fancy look. Although it tries to maintain the traditional calculator look there is a slight departure in its shapes and keys. It is also quite colorful and it will definitely look great in your hands. The functionality is also up to standards with a four-line display.

The battery is solar powered and just like the TI-36X Pro low battery will never be an issue. The biggest difference with the other calculators in this list is the function that allows you to edit, cut and paste your entries. See the comparison between TI-36X Pro Vs TI-30XS Multiview.

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4. Casio FX-115 ES Plus
Casio has established itself as a global brand in the manufacturing of calculators and has always been a pacesetter in this industry. The Casio FX-115 ES Plus lives up to this billing. What makes it valuable for your FE exams is the textbook display. This will make things easier for you in the exam room. This function displays results exactly as you would find them in the textbook.

The multi-replay function that allows you to backtrack your calculations step-by-step will also come in handy in your FE.

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5. HP 33S
If what you value most in a calculator is accuracy, dependability and functionality then this is the calculator for you. despite having a simple two-line display, you can be assured that it will get the work done.

This programmable calculator has all the features that you will need to tackle your FE exams. It is straightforward and easy to use unlike most of the above calculators.

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Finding the best calculator for FE exams 2015 is very easy as all you need to do is choose any of the 5 calculators mentioned above. They are all very capable of getting the work done and so your choice will be dependent on your preferences and what you value more in an exam calculator.

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